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Create your pin and add new email addresses:

To start, log in to your account and create a Personal I.D. number by clicking "My Account" and
"Add Photos via Email."

Your PIN can be any combo of numbers and letters, up to 4 characters. Your Pin must be added to the "subject" line of the email you send to us. This ensures that only you can add pictures to your account.

Many phones send emails from an address unique to your phone. You will need to add this email to your account as seen below. Send emails to: add@lifepics.com.

Add pin and email here

Add pictures from your camera phone:

Send pictures to add@lifepics.com:
While viewing pictures on your phone, most phones give you the option of "Send". Selecting this brings up a screen that allows you to enter an email address and subject. Enter "add@lifepics.com" in the Send field and your "PIN" in the Subject field. Press the "Send" button to send the picture.

Save add@lifepics.com to your phone address book:
If possible we recommend adding "add@lifepics.com" to the address book in your phone. Most phones allow you to add this via an options menu.


*If you need exact instructions on how to send pictures using your camera phone, please consult the manual for your phone model.

Email pictures from your favorite email provider:

Using the email address you've added to your account, send pictures as attachments to "add@lifepics.com."

Please type your PIN in the Subject field.

Tips to help you add pictures to your account: Typically, the size of your outgoing email is restricted. The following service providers have these restrictions.

  • AOL restricts outgoing email to approximately 12 MegaBytes (MB)
  • YAHOO! restricts outgoing email to approximately 10 MegaBytes (MB)
  • MSN restricts outgoing email to approximately 10 MegaBytes (MB)

Pictures are often 1 MegaByte (MB) or larger meaning that you should only email a few photos at a time.