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So you're out in the park with the little one, and out of nowhere he takes his first steps! Ten years ago you would have to just relay the story to friends and family. Now you can whip out your camera phone and take a quick snap to preserve the moment! But now what?


Now you can easily share your mobile phone photos online, using our online service. Simply email your photo from your phone to your online account and instantly share your memorable moments with family and friends. Find out more about mobile uploads


To give you an idea of the discrepancies between the download speed and the upload speed take a look at these broadband Internet connection speeds.


Although most camera phones take average quality photos, there are a few things you can do to improve camera phone photos.
1. Make sure there is plenty of light, if not use the low light or night setting if you have one.
2. Be steady! Set the phone down if you need to, this will increase sharpness.

3. Use the highest quality settings on your mobile phone. Most phones have multiple quality settings so be sure to check what yours is set to.
4. Get close to your subject. Most phones don't have a zoom, so the closer you are, the sharper the image.
5. Edit and enchance. Have fun with your photos from your mobile phone. Use our online site or your favorite photo editing tool to enhance the photos or turn them into cards, collages, etc.


Don't forget, we have fun magazine covers. Use a favorite photo of Dad to create something unique – a magazine with him as the star!

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