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When camera manufacturers moved from film to digital, they adopted a new standard image size. This new image size is a little too tall to completely fit on a 4x6" print.

If you send us a standard digital photo for a 4x6" print, we will crop the image slightly to make it fit. If you want to guarantee how your image is cropped, you have a couple of options:

Option 1

Crop the Image Online

We have a tool on our online photo service that lets you crop your images to a standard size. Go to http://lifepics.com and log in. Click on "View Photos", select an album, and then click on the picture you want to crop. Then select "edit". This will bring you to our online photo editor. Click on the crop button and select crop size for the print size you want. Then put the rectangle around what you want to print and hit "Apply Crop".

Option 2

Use your Favorite Software Editing Tool

Most photo editing software programs include a cropping function. Your camera probably came with a photo editing software package.

Alternatively, Google offers a wonderful and very popular photo editing tool called Picasa for free. Plus, if you use Picasa, you can print directly to us via the Internet. You can download Picasa from Google at http://picasa.google.com.

To crop photos in Picasa, select an image and then click the "Crop" button. Choose the size you want to crop, e.g. 4x6" or 5x7". Using your mouse, just drag and drop on the part of the picture you want to crop. Click "apply" and you're done.

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