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Download takes longer than Upload
dial up

The term "bandwidth" refers to the transfer rate of your connection to the internet. The better your internet connection speed or "bandwidth", the faster you can download and upload digital photos.

broadband diagram

Broadband is sometimes referred to as "asymmetric" due to the fact that send and receive speeds or times are not equal. A file that is 1MB (an average photo) may only take a few seconds to download but may take over a minute to upload.

download speed chart

To give you an idea of the discrepancies between the download speed and the upload speed take a look at these broadband Internet connection speeds.

night uploads

1. Upload at night - transfer photos to our online site at night. Begin transfer before you go to bed – the photos will almost always be there in the a.m.

share images online

2. Share images online - it is faster and easier for family and friends to use online albums rather than repeatedly uploading photos as email attachments. ( And they will thank you for not clogging up their email inboxes!)

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