Digi Pixels
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Alright, so you've taken a great photo of the family, but it looks like you've taken it from a mile away! So you zoom in and crop it on your photo editor and want to print it. However, your online photofinishing service alerts you that the image quality is poor and won't print well.

Think of your digital photo as an oil painting made up of thousands of brushstrokes. Your photo is made up of a limited number of strokes or "pixels" determined by the resolution setting you used on your camera when you originally took the photo.

When you zoom in on the photo, the number of brushstrokes or "pixels" you are looking at is reduced, depending on how much you zoom in. Up close you can see the brushstrokes (or pixels) and the picture doesn't make much sense (i.e., the resolution is poor), whereas from afar it looks like a complete, smooth image.

Your built-in digital zoom on your camera works in the same way. That is why it is advisable to avoid using your digital zoom where possible. You can always zoom in using your photo editing software later, but you can never zoom out from a photo already taken.


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