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Red Eye is Caused By Camera Flash
Camera Flash Red Eye diagram

Sometimes when you take a photo you will notice that the subject's eyes appear to be red. This is due to the flash bouncing off your subject's retinas.

Girl with Red Eye

Some ways to reduce red eye
when you are taking a photo:

  • Increase the ambient light in the room (i.e., the light from sources other than the flash).
  • Have the subjects look away from the camera slightly.
  • Use a camera with a red-eye reduction setting.
  • Use an external flash
Red Eye Instructions

If you already have a digital photo that has red eye, there are a number of ways to improve the photo. Most photo editing programs, including our online site, have a red eye removal tool.

Red Eye Crop

In most programs you highlight the area that has a red eye. You then click into the red area of the eye and apply changes. That is usually all there is to it.

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